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Like walking into a dream, Silverymoon stands as a beautiful testament to the lost Myth Drannor. If one could imagine Waterdeep as a prime stag-do location, Silverymoon would be the equivalent of a highbrow cultural city visit. As a centre for knowledge, magic and lore in Faerûn, much of the joy of the city is in pottering around it’s cobbled streets admiring its glimmering towers, and visiting the numerous libraries and museums of the town. Fochlucan College has its home here, and is worth setting aside an afternoon to walk the halls. Many notable Bards have graced this college, and the library itself is a vast treasure trove.

A must see on every visitor’s list is of course the Moonbridge, the magical bridge that crosses the River Rauvin to join the Northbank and Southbank of the city. The bridge itself is invisible (with the exception of a faint glimmer in moonlight), and can be severed in the middle of the bridge to allow the passage of ships when required. Most certainly one of the greatest feats of magical architecture that still stands today.

A slightly off-piste fad has been sweeping the city of Silverymoon recently: extravagant footwear. Spend some time perusing the side streets and thoroughfares of the town and you are likely to find some eye-catching curled toe boots, and wildly vibrant moccasins of all the colours of the Prismatic Wall. Be warned, to walk a mile in those shoes will most likely cost an arm and both legs, so bring your allocated cash man of the party with you!

Detailed account of the City of Silverymoon will be updated soon!

The Temple of the Restful Lily Is the pleasant hustle and bustle of Silverymoon too much for you? Have you studied your little heart out, or think that your head will explode if you have to clap eyes upon another marble bust? Then a stay at the Restful Lily spa sounds just the ticket!

A day’s ride out of the city, you will come across an idyllic spa, set in a Temple of Sune, which promises rest and relaxation for all patrons. The waters of the spa pools are said to have magical restorative properties, as if being caressed in the inner thighs by the Gods themselves. The staff are almost as gorgeous as the grounds, and the massages are to DIE for. But you know what they say about life. If at first it looks too good to be true…

Do look out for the rickety tower out back - it is currently under drastic renovation, and hopes to welcome visitors soon.