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Notable Folk

A list of notable folk we've met on our travels, divvied up by area.

Main / Recurring

Volothamp "Volo" Geddarm
Well known author, well known charlatan - but a friendly face all the same. Couldn't quite pay up for us saving his fancyman, but it got us this big ol' manor and a lead on the missing money from the former Open Lord of Waterdeep who nicked a very very handsome sum...
Wine wizard, one of the founders of Corners of the Circle, and all round feckin enigma. Good at gambling, bad at being a muse for a painting. Met shades of him in pocket dimensions where he's been a tit; now that we've met him in person? Still a tit.
Erky Timbers
A stout-hearted little halfling, guided by Torm, or... another god, Pelor? I can't remember, and neither can he. He's a good lad. Has to be - he's a Timbers! We originally found him way back in the Sunless Citadel.
Notable member of The Harpers, fancies Tilion to join them. Cropped up in Waterdeep as well as Silverymoon. Don't know too much about him but he likes his opera and he looks like he likes his food - alright in my book.

Organisations / Groups / Gangs

The Harpers
A somewhat secret organisation that appear to do good, restoring balance, the only openly operate in Silverymoon - with the College of Lore as their base. Mirt and Volo are both members, and they seem keen on getting TilĂ­on among their ranks.
The Lords of Waterdeep
The masked lords who keep their identity secret, residing in the Castle Ward. The 'Open Lord' is the elected face of the government that interacts with the people; plebians and powerful and all.
The Zhentarim
A gang well known to Waterdavians, I believe we may be in their bad books after crashing a safehouse of theirs (?) and fighting some avian stealthy archer bastards.
Xanathar's Thieves Guild
(SYMBOL - Tattoo of "Eye" / Circle with lines radiating out) A thieves guild that stretches further than we imagined seeing as we ran into one of them in Silverymoon, initially ran into them interrogating Volo's friend, where the Mind Flayer and beholder was encountered. Was paid a visit by an old friend - warning us not to interfere with their business.
The Night Parade
Nefarious cultists who seek the Bensarean stone to allow evil to travel through to our plane. They are from the east and worship "The Night Serpent"
Corners of the Circle
Feywind's old gang who protected the Bensarean stone; mainly from The Night Parade. Members included; Feywind, Gordash the Unbreakable (killed by a sea of arrows), Mariana Silverbow (cast out of this world) and Crimson Tempest (cast into a chasm). It was Lodar and Feywind that stopped the cultists; severing their link to their evil deity. "Means of the dark ones return should never be left unguarded, as they will surely find it."


Lady Questgiver (?)
Wanted us to go hunting for her fam fam.
Tavern wench (?)
Worked at The Boar and Barley Inn, where the OG crew met! Got us pished!
A small gnomish wine merchant, who we met at a nearby winery and who we helped clear the cellar of beasties before escorting him onward to Waterdeep. That winery is where we found that bloody cryptic wine bottle "WYT-88X-BBV" that drove me nuts...

Sunless Citadel

Ser Barfor (?)
Noble paladin of Pelor, part of the crew who went missing at the Sunless Citadel.
Karakos [DECEASED]
Ranger, part of the crew who went missing at the Sunless Citadel.
Toljin (?)
The nephew we were employed to find - sought the apple for glory.
Sharavin (?)
The niece we were employed to find - sought the apple for glory.
The white dragon that we attacked and then half-freed in the citadel - hope this doesn't bite us in the rump.
#MeepoExists #WellHeDidAtOnePoint. The poor kobold we freed and "helped" (forgot about) until he died during the night attack from the goblins.
Queen Justiya (?)
Queen of the Kobolds in the citadel, her and her people fled into the mountain after that gruesome fight with the goblins.
The old magic creep who lived in the citadel in recent years, gifting the golden apple once a year to the goblins. The end battle for the Sunless Citadel. A hairy one at that, but I would say that as I was almost devoured by his massive pet frog - at least we got a pub name out of it!


Former adventurer that owns The Yawning Portal.
Our favourite barmaid from The Yawning Portal!
Fluhn Bragmar (?)
Volo's assumed lover, whom we saved from the clutches of the Xanathar's guild, after a case of mistaken identity, for a payment of a derelict (haunted) manor that we now call home.
Reynar Neverember (?)
This is who the Xanathar's thought Fluhne was. Likely due to his father being the old Open Lord of Waterdeep, that ran off with 500,000g. The jackpot.
My old best friend. I grew up with him when I got to Waterdeep. We always said we'd never join the Xanathar's guild; that they were a step too far. And yet he has, citing his mothers illness whilst threatening us to get out of town.
The Swordmaster's Smithy! A good man with good blades and armour at good prices. Brian is just jolly good.
An old little chap with an odd little store. Got us a book on ciphers we need to return, and a petrified mouse that just won't quit.
Thorgan Gorgad (?)
Wine merchant with portals to pocket dimensions - a friend worth having!
A talking mare! Not a mayor! By the time we realised this, it was perhaps too late. The Harpers wanted us to find out the intel that Maxime knew about a Zhentarim agent, named the Red Wizard?
Owner of Bairn's Company, who rented Maxime for a few days.
Jakob Helmfast
Poor wee bastard that Barra's...alter ego...terrorised, likely leading us to leave Waterdeep to lay low.
Pierce Jargot
Our last lead in the case of the talking mare, he worked for Jakob and was noted to be with Maxime when she never returned...
The Black Viper
An infamous thief returned? Story goes The Black Viper was around fifty years back, and thought to be a sister in the Cassalantern family - though they are a noble human family, timeline might not stack up. Rumoured to have suffered a burn on her face and wears a mask to conceal it.
Amalia Cassalantern
Rumoured sister of The Black Viper; still to go knocking on their door...
Yaggra Stonefist
Half orc lady that has been rubbed the wrong way with the Xanathar's Guild. Helped us with a lead to finding where the Xanathar's took Fluhne - the sewers!
Jallister Silvermane
Friend of Yaggra, a handsome chap. A member of the Lord's Alliance.
Ezlan Bezant
The Red Wizard of Tay. Zhentarim want him for reasons unknown. This is the chap Maxime was going to know information about.
Interior decorator who did a stand up job of Trollskull manor!
Oscar Windflower
Carpenter's guild fellow who helped us get Trollskull manor back into its glory days.
Gaxly Rudderbust
Editor of the Waterdeep Wazoo - lead suspect in the curious case of 'Who is a prick?'
Simon Sparkly
Tinker? Tailor? Sailor? Spy?
Creepy old fella, long fingernails and looks like a mystic. Offered us 20,000g for the stone - but wouldn't say why he wanted it...
Joran Newmont
Supposedly could have work for us in Waterdeep, so says the unscrupulous mayor of Triboar...
Devil man. Creator of chaos and the end times. Badness. Misery. OH NO.

Kvaldir and Triboar

Walter Stonefist
Dwarven chap; victim of the caravan attack from the gnolls.
Indra Dahi
Human, victim of the gnoll caravan attack who told us of the missing wife that we set out to save.
Half-elf who was kidnapped by the gnolls, wife of Indra. After we saved her and helped them to Triboar, she introduced us to a friend who ran the potion shop.
Triboar potion saleslady, of "Potions Galore". Likely get a wee discount if we pass by in future for saving her friend!
The innkeep at The Bitter Bugbear Inn, the local tavern in Kvaldir, a lovely lady who showed us warm hospitality and throws a good party!
Gruff military man who was setting out to slay some werewolves. Turns out he got captured by them, alongside the apprentice we were seeking. He was a werebear, seeking vengeance on the werewolves for taking and killing his cubs. After being rescued, he headed westward and that was the last time we saw him.
Dwarven cleric. Head priest at the Temple to Moradin within the town; worked to remove the werewolf curse from victims before it takes its hold.
Werewolf victim, young girl, Gilneer was looking after her and attempting to reverse the curse before the full moon.
Smithy that silvered up our weapons, took in Kaya for some smithing duties too!
Ruled in Kvaldir, unfortunately met his demise when he and a band of twelve men set out to explore Inaris Peak and battle the beings that brought the town to its misty ruin.
Ruled in Kvaldir alongside the Jarl before his death, now she alone has taken lead. She pointed us in the right direction in finding Feywind to help guard the stone.
Touri Bethend
Apprentice of Volo, she was originally sent to Kvaldir to investigate spirits north of the town, before being captured and bitten by the werewolves. We managed to get her to Gilneer in time to be saved from the werewolf curse. She was also the one to identify the Bensarean Stone.
Magdalene [DECEASED]
Seemingly a paladin of Torm who arrived at the Bug and Barley Inn a couple days after us, thankfully we didn't take her along with us - when we encountered the second hag, Magdalenes dead body was there, and had been there for a long while...
A dwarf that resides in Inaris Peak, seems to have lost his mind as he feels he is the leader of many followers who he gestured to; yet no one was there.
Ummmm...wind? We freed Inaris, who we believed to be a giant, by killing the hags. But the giant was...wind? Some of us managed to talk to...her? Him? It? That whole adventure was a mindfuck, a glorious one!
Son of the Jarl and Hilde, who I followed to find the Bensarean Stone, discovering how the whole incident kicked off and learning about the Corners of the Circle. Now a pen pal!
Half-elf lady who is the ringleader of The Velvet Circus, and keen to perform at The Gagging Frog!
Proprietor of The Pewter Cup Inn, located in Triboar.
A friendly gnome with a gambling past looking to pay his debts. Was putting up wanted posters for the Sharphorn brothers.
Lord Dumont
Mayor of Triboar who paid us for the quest we completed with George.

Silverymoon and The High Forest

Morganna [DECEASED]
A beautiful moon elf that welcomed us to The Restful Lily, her looks were unbelievable. Literally, Ander wasn't buying it and cast Detect Magic - thank Torm!
Greensong [DECEASED]
Another hellish fiend who duped us into thinking we were having a lovely time. Can't believe I got my ass waxed there...
Mortimer [DECEASED]
Unconfirmed death, but suspected. Friend of Feywind, he accompanied him to The Restful Lily; though no trace of him was found...
A ruddy hellhound, and nothing to do with Mortimer, why even think that?!
A joyous moon elf, a lovely spirit, a beautiful thing! She was turned into a Medusa by the hags at The Restful Lily but thankfully we saved her. She kissed my cheek!
Cursed to life as a kobold by the hags at The Restful Lily; once saved he was a well to do Tiefling who is in the Jeweller's Guild in Waterdeep - the AWOL swine.
Another saved soul from The Restful Lily, a Dragonborn who also went AWOL with Glitter.
Water Naiad spirit who was hiding in the pool of The Restful Lily. Wasn't too trusting until we saved her pal, Serena.
Down on his luck ferret that had the least likely odds to win the Honeybrook Harvest Festival's ferret race. With the helping hands of many a bishop; Oatmeal was victorious!
Aurela is the mayor of Honeybrook, hosting the Harvest Festival - dressed in a red velvet morning suit, welcomed us to the grand event in the big top tent.
A young hired goon of the Xanathar's who attacked us for the stone in Silverymoon - he mentioned he was hired in The Black Hag Inn, to the south of the river.
Barra's horse. What are the chances they had the same name?! Almost unbelievable right? And I mean, you wouldn't name a horse after yourself...wou...would you?
Sarel Bangdon (?)
Innkeep of The Gryffon's Nest Inn in Blazingdell. I was drinking that evening and believe I misheard her name...
Ranger we met in The Gryffon's Nest Inn who agreed to take us through high forest to The Lost Peaks.
Glonn (?)
Captive of the orcs we killed en route to The Lost Peaks. His companion was killed, we took him along with us to keep him safe. He was heading to meet the forest druids in order to ask for help with a curse on their village. Borak is guiding him to his meeting place after helping us.