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About the Bishops

Barra Barackas
Tiefling Barbarian

What luck we have to have this… unique individual trailblazing through our adventures. Both our meat shield and our menace. Not the sharpest spoon in the oven but happy to sow chaos and I usually like the fun that’s left in that chaos’ wake!
Best hope eggs are not in short supply, else Jonathan may be paying you a visit. I wouldn’t worry about that though, you’ll hear him coming a mile off with his new farty boots.

Ander Delryn
Human Cleric

A noble cleric of Torm! If you are a good soul, he’s a friend, if you are a creature - well, no matter how you feel your soul is you are at risk of a good old fashioned purge. I always thought behind those greying eyes was wisdom, I mean - sure, there is… but surely the notion of advertising gruel as a lip-smacking snack cannot come from a wise man?!
He and Tilion are usually the ones to, somewhat, keep Barra in check - a noble task indeed.

Tilíon Holiádon
Elven Bard

Our dear bard! Dissing rats to death, reciting slam poetry, renditions of ‘Waterdeep’ and inventing new dance crazes - she’s always good for entertainment! Unexpectedly seems to have found herself as a “sensible one” of the party.
Something tells me the surprise means she wasn’t always the sensible one in her…er…however many years (she hits me when I ask).

Chomsky Timbers
Gnome Rogue

Hmmm, what to say about me… Accidental voluntary “orphan”, poorly-adjusted to societal norms resulting in actions that can cause concern, but generally well meaning. Eat the rich. That’ll do. Self-awareness is the first step to improvement, they say! I’m supposed to be the sneaky one but Scampi, my mouse, often outshines me in that department - please give him cheese.

Human Fighter

Goes by many names, Brinn, Bryyyn, Bren, Bran, and more. (Former?) mercenary who joined the gang one night looking for coin alongside Kaya. Clearly the trip to get some mushroom wine was moreish as they’ve merrily stuck around since! He’s had a “brush with Bhall” as my papa used to say (a deity of death/murder), and has shown interest in Ander’s domain - no sign of leaving the coinlust behind though.
Personally, I think he’d be better off with Sune, maybe with a deity of love and beauty on his side he’d have more luck with the ladies. Like I’m one to talk…

Dwarf Ranger

The embodiment of terror. Been around as long as Bren, but hasn’t lost her scary factor. I mean, we had a visitor in our home, albeit somewhat late, and she wanted to tie him up and kill him. No questions asked. Sure, he turned out to be evil and part of the Night Parade so an absolute solid read, but still - scary.
When I woke up next to her after the celebrations in Kvaldir, I thought I was a dead man, thankfully nothing had happened and I lived to (never) tell the tale.