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Supposedly named for elite leather gloves of ungodly power, Kvaldir is a quaint yet sizeable trading town, nestled in the shadow of Inara’s Peak. If you want a taste of the ‘real life’ the denizen’s of Kvaldir are the truest, most hardy folk you are likely to meet in the North.

As with all town’s in this region, the heart of Kvaldir is most certainly its local tavern, the ‘Bitter Bug Bear Inn’. Excellent (if a little drafty) rooms, ale on tap and the single best place to pick-up the hottest dance trends sweeping the Sword’s Coast. An unmissable stop!

However, Kvaldir is also a wonderful tourism gem in it’s own right with plenty of worthy attractions. The temple of Moradin, overseen by Gilhaern, is a fine example of Dwarven craftsmanship. The temple goers are aloof but welcoming - try and visit during prayer, it is a fabulous experience.

Just a short half-day journey outside the town walls will take you to the aptly named ‘Dead Marshes’. This extraordinary area of flora is unique to the area and is curiously almost devoid of animal life - bird nor beast can not be heard over the stillness of the Marshes. The guards warn not to visit at night, as the weather can take a strange turn and there are fell voices on the air. But totally worth it for the portrait to show your friends, right?! Continue on past the marshes to reach a fairly new addition to the area: Amarok’s Rescue Shelter for Extremely Large Adorable Dogs (ARSELAD for short). This centre has popped up in the ruins of an old farmstead, located within the windmill. It will be a bit of a hit or a miss whether it is open when you visit, as it runs by the lunar calendar but well worth the wait. The dogs are really, really ridiculously big looking.

All of your essential needs can be met throughout the town. If you are looking for weaponry and armour, try Beldur the Smith. And remember, it’s chilly out there - so head to the Crying Wolf Shoppe, for pelts and warm weather clothing that cater to us Southern softies.

Tribor Conveniently located between Waterdeep and Kvaldir, the town of Tribor makes for an excellent grass station stop on your journey. The Pewter Cup Inn does a great breakfast with plentyful eggs, and the hearty fare is relatively well priced for this route. There is an excellent magical provisions store located in the town called ‘Potions Galore!*’. If visiting, readers should speak to Xandra and quote “So, I take my big axe” for a 2 gold discount. You are welcome!

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