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Considered as the Cusco of Faerûn, Oakhurst is an oft overlooked and maligned town with it’s own certain rustic charm. Set amongst rolling farmlands of the Crags, in the shadow of the old sawmill you are guaranteed a friendly face and no doubt a tale or two!

The incredibly hospitable inn, the ‘Boar and Barley’ offers up great mead and home cooked fare, and perhaps a challenge for the discerning adventurer (if you are lucky!). If you can set aside a few hours, a trip to the humble Temple of Pelor for some quiet reflection will stead you well for your onward journey. Try to head in the early morning, to catch the sunrise yoga session with local cleric Erky Timbers.

However, as every discerning traveller knows, Oakhurst’s main draw is it’s location as an excellent base for unique excursion opportunities:

Sunless Citadel Ruin Tour The Sunless Citadel is best taken in as a multi-day trek (guided or self-guided, depending on your own level of arrogance/competency) to enjoy the splendid scenery on your way to the ancient ruins. The archeological site is approached via the descent of a steep cliff, so be warned ye of faint heart. The ruins themselves are in a sorry state of disrepair but if you can make it past the rudimentary security, the original stunning decór remains. The walls are adorned with rich carvings of dragons and elves in an entirely non-symbiotic relationship (graphic images ahead!). Be warned though - they are not fully abandoned, and some of it’s magical protections still stand in place… The Twilight Grove (a very niche cider bar) has almost mythical restorative properties and comes highly recommended.

Safari Tour The outskirts of the Sunless Citadel are home to a variety of fauna and flora bound to delight and terrify in fairly equal measure. Although there are a few of your ‘garden variety’ beasties in the area (ie. quite a sizeable enclave of kobolds), the joy of the region is in it’s rare creatures. Be careful with that bracken and firewood you are carrying: it could be a Twig Blight! Is that the rumble of thunder off in the distance, or is it a HUGE frog with a taste for Gnome? Oh! And there may be a juvenile white dragon in the area, perhaps… If you do see Calcryx, say ‘Hi!’ from the Bishops and RUN.

Wizardly Wines Vineyard On the long road to Waterdeep, weary (and thirsty) travellers should definitely check in to the Wizardly Wines vineyard to try their delectable and magical wines. With roots embedded within the School of Wizardry, the beverages are pure magic, and their latest vintage is now readily available following a, how can we say, reinstallment of the supply chain. Lodgings are available, and you will be well catered for by the wonderful Glowkindle, the proprietor. Fun fact: the vineyard building basement is supposedly haunted by a difficult puzzle and an annoying spellcaster. Ask Glowkindle nicely, and maybe he will let you have a peek (Tell him Tilíon sent you)!