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Morganna [DECEASED]
A beautiful moon elf that welcomed us to The Restful Lily, her looks were unbelievable. Literally, Ander wasn't buying it and cast Detect Magic - thank Torm!
Greensong [DECEASED]
Another hellish fiend who duped us into thinking we were having a lovely time. Can't believe I got my ass waxed there...
Mortimer [DECEASED]
Unconfirmed death, but suspected. Friend of Feywind, he accompanied him to The Restful Lily; though no trace of him was found...
A ruddy hellhound, and nothing to do with Mortimer, why even think that?!
A joyous moon elf, a lovely spirit, a beautiful thing! She was turned into a Medusa by the hags at The Restful Lily but thankfully we saved her. She kissed my cheek!
Cursed to life as a kobold by the hags at The Restful Lily; once saved he was a well to do Tiefling who is in the Jeweller's Guild in Waterdeep - the AWOL swine.
Another saved soul from The Restful Lily, a Dragonborn who also went AWOL with Glitter.
Water Naiad spirit who was hiding in the pool of The Restful Lily. Wasn't too trusting until we saved her pal, Serena.
Down on his luck ferret that had the least likely odds to win the Honeybrook Harvest Festival's ferret race. With the helping hands of many a bishop; Oatmeal was victorious!
Aurela is the mayor of Honeybrook, hosting the Harvest Festival - dressed in a red velvet morning suit, welcomed us to the grand event in the big top tent.
A young hired goon of the Xanathar's who attacked us for the stone in Silverymoon - he mentioned he was hired in The Black Hag Inn, to the south of the river.
Barra's horse. What are the chances they had the same name?! Almost unbelievable right? And I mean, you wouldn't name a horse after yourself...wou...would you?
Sarel Bangdon (?)
Innkeep of The Gryffon's Nest Inn in Blazingdell. I was drinking that evening and believe I misheard her name...
Ranger we met in The Gryffon's Nest Inn who agreed to take us through high forest to The Lost Peaks.
Glonn (?)
Captive of the orcs we killed en route to The Lost Peaks. His companion was killed, we took him along with us to keep him safe. He was heading to meet the forest druids in order to ask for help with a curse on their village. Borak is guiding him to his meeting place after helping us.