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Walter Stonefist
Dwarven chap; victim of the caravan attack from the gnolls.
Indra Dahi
Human, victim of the gnoll caravan attack who told us of the missing wife that we set out to save.
Half-elf who was kidnapped by the gnolls, wife of Indra. After we saved her and helped them to Triboar, she introduced us to a friend who ran the potion shop.
Triboar potion saleslady, of "Potions Galore". Likely get a wee discount if we pass by in future for saving her friend!
The innkeep at The Bitter Bugbear Inn, the local tavern in Kvaldir, a lovely lady who showed us warm hospitality and throws a good party!
Gruff military man who was setting out to slay some werewolves. Turns out he got captured by them, alongside the apprentice we were seeking. He was a werebear, seeking vengeance on the werewolves for taking and killing his cubs. After being rescued, he headed westward and that was the last time we saw him.
Dwarven cleric. Head priest at the Temple to Moradin within the town; worked to remove the werewolf curse from victims before it takes its hold.
Werewolf victim, young girl, Gilneer was looking after her and attempting to reverse the curse before the full moon.
Smithy that silvered up our weapons, took in Kaya for some smithing duties too!
Ruled in Kvaldir, unfortunately met his demise when he and a band of twelve men set out to explore Inaris Peak and battle the beings that brought the town to its misty ruin.
Ruled in Kvaldir alongside the Jarl before his death, now she alone has taken lead. She pointed us in the right direction in finding Feywind to help guard the stone.
Touri Bethend
Apprentice of Volo, she was originally sent to Kvaldir to investigate spirits north of the town, before being captured and bitten by the werewolves. We managed to get her to Gilneer in time to be saved from the werewolf curse. She was also the one to identify the Bensarean Stone.
Magdalene [DECEASED]
Seemingly a paladin of Torm who arrived at the Bug and Barley Inn a couple days after us, thankfully we didn't take her along with us - when we encountered the second hag, Magdalenes dead body was there, and had been there for a long while...
A dwarf that resides in Inaris Peak, seems to have lost his mind as he feels he is the leader of many followers who he gestured to; yet no one was there.
Ummmm...wind? We freed Inaris, who we believed to be a giant, by killing the hags. But the giant was...wind? Some of us managed to talk to...her? Him? It? That whole adventure was a mindfuck, a glorious one!
Son of the Jarl and Hilde, who I followed to find the Bensarean Stone, discovering how the whole incident kicked off and learning about the Corners of the Circle. Now a pen pal!
Half-elf lady who is the ringleader of The Velvet Circus, and keen to perform at The Gagging Frog!
Proprietor of The Pewter Cup Inn, located in Triboar.
A friendly gnome with a gambling past looking to pay his debts. Was putting up wanted posters for the Sharphorn brothers.
Lord Dumont
Mayor of Triboar who paid us for the quest we completed with George.