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Former adventurer that owns The Yawning Portal.
Our favourite barmaid from The Yawning Portal!
Fluhn Bragmar (?)
Volo's assumed lover, whom we saved from the clutches of the Xanathar's guild, after a case of mistaken identity, for a payment of a derelict (haunted) manor that we now call home.
Reynar Neverember (?)
This is who the Xanathar's thought Fluhne was. Likely due to his father being the old Open Lord of Waterdeep, that ran off with 500,000g. The jackpot.
My old best friend. I grew up with him when I got to Waterdeep. We always said we'd never join the Xanathar's guild; that they were a step too far. And yet he has, citing his mothers illness whilst threatening us to get out of town.
The Swordmaster's Smithy! A good man with good blades and armour at good prices. Brian is just jolly good.
An old little chap with an odd little store. Got us a book on ciphers we need to return, and a petrified mouse that just won't quit.
Thorgan Gorgad (?)
Wine merchant with portals to pocket dimensions - a friend worth having!
A talking mare! Not a mayor! By the time we realised this, it was perhaps too late. The Harpers wanted us to find out the intel that Maxime knew about a Zhentarim agent, named the Red Wizard?
Owner of Bairn's Company, who rented Maxime for a few days.
Jakob Helmfast
Poor wee bastard that Barra's...alter ego...terrorised, likely leading us to leave Waterdeep to lay low.
Pierce Jargot
Our last lead in the case of the talking mare, he worked for Jakob and was noted to be with Maxime when she never returned...
The Black Viper
An infamous thief returned? Story goes The Black Viper was around fifty years back, and thought to be a sister in the Cassalantern family - though they are a noble human family, timeline might not stack up. Rumoured to have suffered a burn on her face and wears a mask to conceal it.
Amalia Cassalantern
Rumoured sister of The Black Viper; still to go knocking on their door...
Yaggra Stonefist
Half orc lady that has been rubbed the wrong way with the Xanathar's Guild. Helped us with a lead to finding where the Xanathar's took Fluhne - the sewers!
Jallister Silvermane
Friend of Yaggra, a handsome chap. A member of the Lord's Alliance.
Ezlan Bezant
The Red Wizard of Tay. Zhentarim want him for reasons unknown. This is the chap Maxime was going to know information about.
Interior decorator who did a stand up job of Trollskull manor!
Oscar Windflower
Carpenter's guild fellow who helped us get Trollskull manor back into its glory days.
Gaxly Rudderbust
Editor of the Waterdeep Wazoo - lead suspect in the curious case of 'Who is a prick?'
Simon Sparkly
Tinker? Tailor? Sailor? Spy?
Creepy old fella, long fingernails and looks like a mystic. Offered us 20,000g for the stone - but wouldn't say why he wanted it...
Joran Newmont
Supposedly could have work for us in Waterdeep, so says the unscrupulous mayor of Triboar...
Devil man. Creator of chaos and the end times. Badness. Misery. OH NO.