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The Harpers
A somewhat secret organisation that appear to do good, restoring balance, the only openly operate in Silverymoon - with the College of Lore as their base. Mirt and Volo are both members, and they seem keen on getting Tilíon among their ranks.
The Lords of Waterdeep
The masked lords who keep their identity secret, residing in the Castle Ward. The 'Open Lord' is the elected face of the government that interacts with the people; plebians and powerful and all.
The Zhentarim
A gang well known to Waterdavians, I believe we may be in their bad books after crashing a safehouse of theirs (?) and fighting some avian stealthy archer bastards.
Xanathar's Thieves Guild
(SYMBOL - Tattoo of "Eye" / Circle with lines radiating out) A thieves guild that stretches further than we imagined seeing as we ran into one of them in Silverymoon, initially ran into them interrogating Volo's friend, where the Mind Flayer and beholder was encountered. Was paid a visit by an old friend - warning us not to interfere with their business.
The Night Parade
Nefarious cultists who seek the Bensarean stone to allow evil to travel through to our plane. They are from the east and worship "The Night Serpent"
Corners of the Circle
Feywind's old gang who protected the Bensarean stone; mainly from The Night Parade. Members included; Feywind, Gordash the Unbreakable (killed by a sea of arrows), Mariana Silverbow (cast out of this world) and Crimson Tempest (cast into a chasm). It was Lodar and Feywind that stopped the cultists; severing their link to their evil deity. "Means of the dark ones return should never be left unguarded, as they will surely find it."