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Volothamp "Volo" Geddarm
Well known author, well known charlatan - but a friendly face all the same. Couldn't quite pay up for us saving his fancyman, but it got us this big ol' manor and a lead on the missing money from the former Open Lord of Waterdeep who nicked a very very handsome sum...
Wine wizard, one of the founders of Corners of the Circle, and all round feckin enigma. Good at gambling, bad at being a muse for a painting. Met shades of him in pocket dimensions where he's been a tit; now that we've met him in person? Still a tit.
Erky Timbers
A stout-hearted little halfling, guided by Torm, or... another god, Pelor? I can't remember, and neither can he. He's a good lad. Has to be - he's a Timbers! We originally found him way back in the Sunless Citadel.
Notable member of The Harpers, fancies Tilion to join them. Cropped up in Waterdeep as well as Silverymoon. Don't know too much about him but he likes his opera and he looks like he likes his food - alright in my book.